Strategic Monoliths & Microservices • Vaughn Vernon & James Higginbotham • GOTO 2022

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This interview was recorded for the GOTO Book Club. #GOTOcon #GOTObookclub

Vaughn Vernon - Co-Author of "Strategic Monoliths & Microservices" and DDD and Reactive Leader
James Higginbotham - Author of "Principles of Web API Design" and Executive API Consultant at LaunchAny

Microservices have become more than a buzzword and are now viable alternatives to monoliths, which makes understanding why and how they should be used more important than ever. Thinking strategically about software architecture has to be the cornerstone of any software development. Vaughn Vernon, author of “Strategic Monoliths and Microservices: Driving Innovation Using Purposeful Architecture” (Addison-Wesley Signature Series (Vernon)), and James Higginbotham, author of “Principles of Web API Design”, discuss purposeful architecture, why events matter in software and much more. Full episode coming up next week.
The interview is based on Vaughn's book "Strategic Monoliths & Microservices":

00:00 Intro
01:50 The Pearson Addison-Wesley Signature Series by Vaughn Vernon
07:12 Who should read "Strategic Monoliths and Microservices"
12:17 At the frontier between business and technical strategy
15:13 What does digital/business transformation stand for?
18:36 What are the four main pillars of the book?
27:39 Why are events important in software architecture?
33:14 How can events make organizations more resilient?
40:40 From asynchronous call request-response to event-driven reactive
45:29 What is purposeful architecture?
55:07 Recommendations for refining your monoliths or microservices
59:42 Upcoming book: hands-on coding for purposeful architectures
61:50 Outro

Read the full transcription of the interview here:

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