The Ideal Programming Language • Richard Feldman & Erik Doernenburg • GOTO 2021

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This interview was recorded at GOTO Copenhagen 2021 for GOTO Unscripted. #GOTOcon #GOTOunscripted #GOTOcph

Read the full transcription of this interview here:

Richard Feldman - Author of "Elm in Action" & Head of Technology at NoRedInk
Erik Doernenburg - Head of Technology at Thoughtworks & Passionate Technologist
Lars Jensen - Lead Developer at GOTO

What would your ideal programming language look like? Erik Doernenburg, head of technology at Thoughtworks, and Richard Feldman, author of “Elm in Action,” sat together at GOTO Copenhagen 2021 to chat about what theirs would look like. They also had a look into the future of up-and-coming languages.

00:00 Intro
01:11 Frontend or backend?
05:44 Programming languages in the field
10:37 Testability
13:11 Memory management
18:36 Concurrency model
23:53 Upcoming new languages
35:36 Outro

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