Elastic Leadership: Roy Osherove in conversation

41:52 58 views 100% Published 4 months ago

How to shift your mind from technical thinking into organizational thinking as you progress into a leadership role.

It is important to learn how to manage day to day and long term challenges when stepping into a new leadership role.

Join us at the next edition of Bookmarked where Suzan Bond will be joined by Roy Osherove to discuss Elastic Leadership.

In this guide for growing self-organizing teams Roy Osherove shares how you can step into a leadership role and manage a team seeking guidance by sharing his personal learnings along the leadership way through tips, best practice and anecdotes.

Key learnings

- Learn what you need to consider when stepping into a managerial role
- Create a vision and purpose for day to day actions as a leader
- Adapt your role to the needs and goals of the team
- Build efficient teams through influential coaching techniques

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