Expert Talk: Continuous Architecture • Pierre Pureur & Kurt Bittner • GOTO 2022

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This interview was recorded for GOTO Unscripted 2022. #GOTOcon #GOTOunscripted

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Pierre Pureur - Co-Author of "Continuous Architecture" & "Continuous Architecture in Practice"
Kurt Bittner - Co Author of "The Professional Scrum Team" & Enterprise Solutions at

What is continuous architecture and how does it fit in today’s world? Has the role of a software architect changed over the last few years, and what are the main skills you need to be good at architecting software?
Pierre Pureur, co-author of “Continuous Architecture in Practice,” and Kurt Bittner, Enterprise Solution at, give an overview of what software architects — or those who dream of becoming one — should consider across each of these questions.

00:00 Intro
00:30 Quality attributes in software architecture
05:08 The 5th quality attribute element to good software architecture
07:23 What is continuous architecture?
15:27 The unacceptable cost of rework
18:06 Minimum viable architecture
24:25 How to apply continuous architecture to existing systems
29:51 How to become a software architect
37:47 Testing in a continuous architecture framework
44:00 When is software architecture “good enough”?
50:04 Main takeaways from "Continuous Architecture"
51:54 Outro

Pierre Pureur, M. Erder & E. Woods • Continuous Architecture in Practice •
Pierre Pureur & Murat Erder • Continuous Architecture •
Kurt Bittner, P. Götz & U. Schirmer • The Professional Scrum Team •
Kurt Bittner, P. Kong & D. West • The Nexus Framework for Scaling Scrum •
Kurt Bittner & Ian Spence • Use Case Modeling •
Kurt Bittner & Ian Spence • Managing Iterative Software Development Projects •
Simon Brown • Software Architecture for Developers Vol. 2 •
George Fairbanks • Just Enough Software Architecture •
Gene Kim • The Unicorn Project •
Mark Seemann • Code That Fits in Your Head •
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