Expert Talk: Software Security • Jim Manico & John Steven • GOTO 2022

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This interview was recorded for GOTO Unscripted 2022. #GOTOcon #GOTOunscripted

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Jim Manico - Founder at Manicode Security & Co-Author of "Iron-Clad Java"
John Steven - Founding Principal at Aedify Security & CTO at Concourse Labs

Security is a key topic in software. Lately, it has shifted from a security team responsibility to a task every single developer has to think about. Jim Manico, Founder and Secure Coding Educator at Manicode Security, and John Steven, the Founding Principal at Aedify Security, assess the evolution of the security role in order for developers to make the right decisions.

00:00 Intro
02:16 The evolution of a developers role in security
09:51 How can a single developer improve security?
14:53 The right security choice in the cloud
25:53 How to think about design-level challenges as developers?
33:53 Never stop learning
38:57 Jim does a handstand :)
39:30 Never stop learning
41:11 What's next?
44:47 Outro

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