Setting standards for your technical assessments

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If you’re hiring engineers, technical interviews are often part of the process. But without standards for testing in place it can be difficult to know what to look for, and managers can often have differing opinions on what is most important to them. Inconsistent assessments lead to poor reflections on a candidate’s potential and fit for the role, as well as hindering folks who are already underrepresented in tech.

So how can you create effective standards across the organization that are fair and indicative to each role?

In this panel, we will bring together a group of engineering leaders to discuss the kinds of standards we can put in place in order to build high performing teams. We will be sharing experiences of how to use standards to create assessments that are consistent and valuable, as well as creating an engaging and interesting experience for your candidates.

Key takeaways

Understand areas of inconsistency in your technical assessments
Define standards that are important to your teams and organization as a whole
Create technical assessments that accurately represent the role and a candidate’s ability
Attract a wide range of high-level candidates who are engaged during the hiring process

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