Modern Software Practices in a Legacy System • Audun Strand & Kevlin Henney • GOTO 2022

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This interview was recorded for the GOTO Unscripted at CodeNode in London. #GOTOcon #GOTObookclub

Read the full transcription of this interview here:

Audun Fauchald Strand - Principal Engineer at NAV
Kevlin Henney - Consultant, Programmer, Keynote Speaker, Technologist, Trainer & Writer

Audun Fauchald Strand, principal engineer at NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration), shares the story of how they modernized their long-running open source platform NAIS.
In their conversation, Audun and Kevlin Henney touch on topics such as how to organize massive amounts of data and if legacy code can be considered as something good. You’ll also find out how open source fits in a large governmental software team that focuses on transparency.

00:00 Intro
02:00 Open-source platform NAIS by NAV
05:21 Changing governmental software
09:45 Domain-driven design vs the law
13:19 How to organize data for complex systems
21:09 Microservices vs CQRS
24:02 The languages of the NAIS platform
27:07 Building a developer culture
30:16 How does Data Mesh fit in?
34:53 Observability for the legal system
37:02 Legacy in software development
40:53 Outro

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