Lemon - Shrink The Web: How To Get Happier By Removing Crap - #BuildStuffconf

47:45 22 views 100% Published 2 months ago

Websites have doubled in size every three years. For reasons both understandable and idiotic, web developers continue to create bigger and more complicated web projects, and now your node folder is mining bitcoin and the average web page is bigger than the 1993 video game DOOM. This is a trend we can change. 🐁 Let's shrink the web! In this high-energy talk, we’re going to be looking at some easy wins for performance improvements like image optimization and JavaScript concatenation, that can actually make your users’ life better. In addition, we’re going to explore some very friendly process tools for doing all of that without days of editing config files. Because a small website is an easy website, and an easy website means you can go home earlier.

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