Grady Booch - The future of software engineering - #BuildStuffconf

01:09:22 45 views 100% Published 2 months ago

No matter what future we may envision, it relies on software that has not yet been written. Even now, software-intensive systems have woven themselves into the interstitial spaces of civilization, and we as individuals and as a species have slowly surrendered ourselves to computing.
Looking back, we can identify several major and distinct styles whereby we have built such systems. In many ways, the entire history of software engineering can be seen as one of raising levels of abstraction. And yet, in each phase of this journey, there have been particular technical, social, and economic forces that have shaped each style, and even now act upon our field to shape its future.
In this presentation, we will walk the landscape of how we have developed software-intensive systems, from the time when computers were human, to now, where we are crafting computers that act like humans. Along the way, we will present the technical details, but more importantly, highlight the stories of the people who made this work manifest.

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