Sean Farmar - To Re-write Or Not To Re-write - #BuildStuffconf

51:05 60 views 100% Published 2 months ago

You might have been there before, the system is dying, it got to be a big ball of mud, making changes is risky, time-consuming and horrible... You go to your manager and say, we can't go on like this anymore! Your manager asks, so what are you suggesting? And your answer is: we need to re-write! Now, most of the time and as a role of thumb I would say NEVER go to a re-right: it will take years and you are most likely to end up with two systems the new one and the legacy one running side by side, if you thought your legacy system was a nightmare to maintain, now you have twice the grief :-|... But there are scenarios when this can work. In this talk, I'll share my experiences with re-writing a system and when it does make sense to go for it.

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