Bookmarked with James Stanier

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Distributed workforces need to make sure they stay efficient, with a lot of employees preferring the clear benefits of working remotely. Managing synchronous and asynchronous communications, along with supporting others from afar, are both key to remote teams being effective.

Join us at the next edition of Bookmarked where Suzan Bond will be joined by James Stanier to discuss Effective Remote Work for yourself, your team, and your company.

In this session, James will discuss how to adopt a new mindset to remote work that will help you organize yourself, ship software, communicate and be impactful as part of a distributed workforce.

Key takeaways

- Understand and measure the remote readiness of your workplace
- How to include a remote handbook for your team
- Adopt a healthy mindset to remote work
- Ways to support your remote workforce in managing burn-out and mental well-being
- Create an effective and stimulating remote workplace culture

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