PHP UK Conference 2011 - PHP in a mobile ecosystem, by Ivo Jansch

by Ivo Jansch 59:24 398 views 0% Published 9 years ago

The past few years the web has become more and more mobile. A significant portion of the mobile web has moved from the browser to the 'apps' domain. The iPhone, iPad and various Android phones have popularized the app concept. Apps are not written in PHP, so are we moving away from PHP? In this session, Ivo takes a look at PHP's role in mobile technology and why he thinks PHP is a great tool for both mobile web and mobile apps. If you plan to do mobile development in the near future, you should see this session.

Ivo is an evangelist of PHP technology in professional and enterprise environments. He is the author of the books 'php|architect's Guide To Enterprise PHP Development' and 'php|architect's Guide to Cloud Computing' and a member of the Zend PHP 5.3 Certification Advisory Board. When he's not writing, tweeting or coaching developers, he can be found coding on a variety of projects, or speaking at various conferences. After a 10 year career as the CTO of Ibuildings, one of the PHP companies in Europe, Ivo is now the founder of Egeniq, a new startup dealing with mobile technology.

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