Real-World Functional Scala by Chris Birchall

by Chris Birchall 47:54 9443 views 96% Published 5 years ago

Even if you have learned about specific functional programming techniques, it can be tricky to get a feel for how to build a ‘real-world’ functional program. How do you piece functional concepts and components together to produce a working application? How should your codebase be structured? How do you go from a high-level goal such as ‘separate a program’s description from its execution’ to a real implementation in Scala? This talk will use a real-world case study to attempt to answer some of those questions. Chris will guide you through the code of one of his recent Scala apps, first highlighting some Scala best practices and then looking at how the codebase could be refactored into a more functional style.

About Chris:

Chris is the tech lead for the Content Platforms team at the Guardian in London, working on the backend APIs that power Before joining the Guardian, he worked for M3 in Tokyo. He is the creator of the ScalaCache library and the author of Re-Engineering Legacy Software.

About Lambda World:

The 2016 Lambda World brought together Functional Programming enthusiasts from around the world for two days of presentations, hacking, networking, and a healthy dose of partying in Cadiz, Spain. Hosted by 47 Degrees, the event also featured a Typelevel Community Conference and a Scala Center Hackathon.

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Lambda World 2016

Lambda World 2016

From 30/09/2016 to 01/10/2016 in Cádiz, Spain