Java 8 (and 9!) in Anger

by Trisha Gee 52:41 2844 views 97% Published 5 years ago

About this talk:

Many of us developers are still getting to grips with thinking in more functional terms. With the introduction of lambdas and streams in Java 8, functional thinking becomes more important, even in a language like Java. This presentation moves beyond slide-sized examples of recently-added Java 8 features, and to shows how to leverage things like lambda expressions and the streams API to build a fully working end-to-end application, using minimal external dependencies and the latest version of Java. In this session, Trisha will build an application that consumes a feed of high-velocity data, makes sense of it and presents results in a real-time JavaFX dashboard. Trisha shows how to design this application so that it’s split into small services (possibly micro-sized). Along the way, we’ll: create pipelines of aggregate operations, encounter lambda expressions and method references, discover new ways of working with collections and bump into the new date and time API.

About Trisha Gee

Trisha is a developer, technical advocate, and educator based in Spain and working remotely for JetBrains. She loves the combination of solving technical problems and working out the best way to teach other developers techniques that will make their lives easier. She is a leader of the Sevilla MongoDB and Java User Groups, and a key member of the London Java Community. In 2014, she became a Java Champion, and in 2015 a MongoDB Master.

About Lambda World:

The 2016 Lambda World brought together Functional Programming enthusiasts from around the world for two days of presentations, hacking, networking, and a healthy dose of partying in Cadiz, Spain. Hosted by 47 Degrees, the event also featured a Typelevel Community Conference and a Scala Center Hackathon.

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Lambda World 2016

Lambda World 2016

From 30/09/2016 to 01/10/2016 in Cádiz, Spain