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by Hanneli Tavante 00:31 524 views 73% Published 4 years ago

This presentation was given at Lambda World 2017 by Hanneli Tavante.


-https://www.47deg.com/events for more details

Too many flavours of Functional Programming? Don't worry - like a French bouchon; we will try a taste of some famous languages, and see what they look like. You can pick up your favourite one for the next visit! Using a simple project idea (building an API), we will go through the following menu:

- Python A good appetiser
- Scala Not pure, but a delicious starter
- Haskell Main dish
-The desserts Ocaml, Elm, Elixir and others (we are allowed to skip the diet restrictions for dessert!)

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Lambda World 2017

Lambda World 2017

From 26/10/2017 to 27/10/2017 in Cádiz, Spain