One Microservice is No Microservice - They Come in Systems

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This video was recorded at Scala Days Berlin 2016
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Building a complete system out of individual Microservices is not as simple as we're being told. While Microservices-based Architecture continues to draw more and more attention we're also starting to learn about the trade-offs and drawbacks. Individual Microservices are fairly easy to understand and implement, but they only make sense as systems, and it is in-between the services that the most challenging (and interesting) problems arise—here we are entering the world of distributed systems.

As we all know, distributed systems are inherently complex and we enterprise developers have been spoiled by centralized servers for too long to easily understand what this really means. Just slicing an existing system into various REST services and wiring them back together again with synchronous protocols and traditional enterprise tools—designed for a monolithic architectures—will set you up for failure.

This talk is going to distill the essence Microservices-based systems and then introduce you to a new development approach to Microservices which gets you started quickly with a guided, minimalistic approach on your local machine and supports you every single step on the way to a productive scaled out Microservices-based system composed of hundreds of services. At the end of this talk, you've experienced first hand how creating systems of microservices on the JVM is dead-simple, intuitive, frictionless and last and more importantly—a lot of fun!

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