Reactive Streams / Akka Streams — Mathias Doenitz & Johannes Rudolph

01:31:07 11845 views 98% Published 6 years ago

The most recent additions to the Akka toolkit, akka-stream and akka-http, offer an exciting new way to define application logic with a focus on data transformations, especially, but far from exclusively, when interfacing with the world via HTTP.

In this double-length session we will build on Viktor's talk from 10.30am and take an extensive hands-on tour through the new Akka modules by gradually evolving a small application, combining akka-http's client- and server-side with general akka-stream pipelining constructs to produce interesting results with very little code. During this in-depth demonstration of Akka's stream transformation DSL we'll have lots of opportunities to discuss the features and benefits of the akka-stream and akka-http APIs as well as remaining stumbling points and development areas.

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