GOTO 2018 • GameDays: Practice Thoughtful Chaos Engineering • Ho Ming Li

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This presentation was recorded at GOTO Berlin 2018. #gotocon #gotoberhttp://gotober.comHo Ming Li - Proactively breaking things on purpose at GremlinABSTRACTGameDay is a dedicated time to intentionally create failure scenarios in a safe environment. Regularly running GameDays is an effective Chaos Engineering practice to test the resiliency of your services; to validate the technical intricacies, and to also surface conversations around observability and incident management. GameDays can also expose you to blind spots when systems are operating under suboptimal conditions.In this talk [...]Read the full abstract here: #DevOps #DistributedSystems #GameDay

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GOTO Berlin 2018

GOTO Berlin 2018

From 29/10/2018 to 02/11/2018 in Berlin, Germany