Escaping from Convention | Ueno's Executive Creative Director | David Navarro

by David Navarro 23:54 3813 views 100% Published 4 years ago

Spanish-flavored Brooklyn-based designer David Navarro makes things as Executive Creative Director at Ueno. In his talk Escape the Hot Dog At Awwwards Conference New York he talks about escaping from convention, the importance of challenging yourself, and creating the Reuters news app.Experience our conferences! Get out from behind your screen, learn from industry leaders and meet cool designers from all over the world - next stop Awwwards Amsterdam & San Francisco 2019:https://conference.awwwards.comSubscribe now for the latest talks and interviews from digital design industry leaders: the latest web design trends - follow us: Blog:

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Awwwards Conference 2018

Awwwards Conference 2018

From 15/11/2018 to 16/11/2018 in New York, United States