Mobiconf 2018: Vladimir Alekseichenko, DataWorkshop

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Topic: Machine learning on your mobile phone

We live in the amazing world where everything is changing so quickly. Machine learning in one trend which speeds up these changes.

Do you remember Maslow Pyramid? The first layer is physiological needs (food, water, warmth, rest), the second one is safety needs (security, safety) and so on. But there is a new (modern) pyramid, where first two layers: battery life and access to wifi. Turned out the to run a machine learning model on the phone is more energy saver compared to send data outside (connection via internet required more energy, especially if you have a poor connection).

The second piece here, when you send your data outside your mobile phone, that means, that you… send data outside :). Snowden tells something more about this.

This is why running a ml model on your mobile phone sounds like a good idea. The next question is how to do it? Most machine learning algorithms (so far) has been implemented in Python or R, both look like a bit weird for mobile technology. If you want to learn how to manage this, please come to the presentation.

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From 04/10/2018 to 05/10/2018 in Krakow, Poland