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Title: Wow. Very vector. Such love

Mark Allison (author of https: // has a deep love of VectorDrawable. He has spoken at conferences about how to construct and animate them in his talk entitled "Vector All The Things. In this all-new talk, Mark will look at some of the features which have been added to VectorDrawable and its sibling - AnimatedVector Drawable since they first appeared in Android Lollipop 5.0 (API 21). There will be a dive in to fill windings which can cause some baffling rendering oddities, yet can be quite simple to fix once you recognise that fill windings are the cause; There will also be a look at the recently added gradient support; And, of course, there will be plenty of tricks and tips to help with your creation of fabulous Vector Drawables and amazing Animations.

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From 04/10/2018 to 05/10/2018 in Krakow, Poland