The best is yet to come - State of Akka in 2017 by Konrad Malawski

51:35 7912 views 98% Published 4 years ago

This video was recorded at Scala Days Copenhagen 2017
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The last years have brought Akka the largest changes since the initial 2.x rewrite yet it remained fully compatible across the last years. With the new exciting modules like Akka Streams, Akka HTTP (including the most recent HTTP/2 work) and the new remoting reimplementation codenamed Artery, we've stepped into the era of Akka 2.5 already. Which again, remains backwards compatible as previous releases. What's in there, and what's next for Akka in general?

In this talk we'll take a brief look back at the newest stable modules of Akka itself, as well as new projects such as Alpakka. Next, we'll continue with the (then present) 2.5 version and the stable Persistence Query, high-availability CRDT support in Distributed Data and continued work on the Artery remoting. Finally we'll have a sneak peek at what's coming in the next releases, which among other things include Akka Typed and more!

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