Bifurcation Without Schism: The Scala Ecosystem by Tomer Gabel

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This video was recorded at Scala Days Copenhagen 2017
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Since the dawn of time, the Scala community has been fairly split in two: functional programming aficionados on one end of the spectrum, and Scala-as-a-better-Java on the other. It is remarkable that the two communities coexist happily, and I believe there is a valuable lesson to be learned here, because the Scala community is also split along a much more divisive axis: the language aficionados looking to exploit the language to its fullest, and the "blue collar" developers striving for simplicity.

I've lately come to the realization that this apparent bifurcation of the community, if managed carefully and its challenges tackled head-on, is actually a GOOD thing because it means we get the best of both worlds: crazy-powerful libraries alongside a practical, productive language for your everyday job! In this talk I'll outline what I think these challenges are, and hopefully start a discussion on how to solve them.

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