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Customer Stories: AI in Financial Services (Cloud Next '19)

In this session, you will hear how financial services customers and partners like National Bank of Canada, RaboBank and Pluto7 are using Cloud AI to reduce costs, reduce risk and engage their members.

The National Bank of Canada will describe how to set up a successful AI program that supports real-time decision-making, improved client experience, and more efficient operation.

RaboBank will describe how they are using Dialogflow and Google Assistant to improve customer care.

Pluto7 will show you how to predict loan delinquency and support model explanation using Cloud AI Platform along with other GCP products.""

AI in Financial Services → https://bit.ly/2KgAbfI

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Speaker(s): Jonathan Jeng, Aakash Bordia, David Furlong, Lee Boonstra, Daan Gönning

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