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Chris Keathley - Building Resilient Systems with Stacking - ElixirConf EU 2019

Chris Keathley - Senior Engineer Bleacher Report and Elixir Outlaws presenter

Talk: Building Resilient Systems with Stacking

Talk in three words: Building reliable systems

When building large scale systems, failure is inevitable. Whether its dropped network connections, misbehaving hardware, massive GC pauses, or AWS outages, our services should be able to weather the storm. In this talk, we'll analyse an application startup process and see how, through careful isolation of failures and stacking of dependencies, we can build more robust and reliable systems.

To demonstrate several techniques for building highly resilient systems with Elixir.

Intermediate Elixir developers or people who have some experience running Elixir systems in production.

The speaker
Chris is a software engineer building services and applications for Bleacher Report. Although he started out writing C for embedded systems, these days he spends his time in Elixir, Rust, Go, and Haskell. When not writing code for work, Chris can be found writing code for fun, talking about the joys of functional programming, playing pinball, roasting coffee, or building lego with his kids.

Github: Keathley
Twitter: @ChrisKeathley

ElixirConf EU
Website: www.elixirconf.eu
Twitter: www.twitter.com/elixirconfeu
Mail: info at elixirconfeu


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