The State of Java Relational Persistence by Maciej Walkowiak @ Spring I/O 2019

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Spring I/O 2019 - Barcelona, 16-17 May


Relational SQL databases are the default and often the best choice for persisting your data. While Hibernate and JPA have dominated the frameworks market there are alternatives worth considering when starting new project.

In this session we will have a closer look to challenges with using SQL databases in Java applications and see how most popular frameworks address them. We will discuss pros and cons of using Java-centric JPA and SQL-centric JOOQ. This talk wouldn’t be complete without discovering what “the new kid on the block” - Spring Data JDBC has to offer and checking how all these solutions fit into the reactive world.

At the end you will have decent high level understanding of all the mentioned frameworks and hopefully make better decision while choosing persistence framework for your next project.

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