The UX Infinity Gems 6 Ways to Create Great UX

33:44 51742 views 99% Published 5 years ago

Speaker: Jordan Lawrence Are you someone whose day job isn't design, but constantly works with designers? Have you ever wondered "what goes into making great UX, and why in the world is testing so important?!" Well, have I got good news for you! Jordan Lawrence here. I have a fantastic new talk about why words are important and why we should strive to delight our user. You'll learn the 6 gems needed for creating great UX. Everything from designing for your data, to things you can practice at home. Once you learn, you'll be critiquing every app you use and web page you visit in no time! You will start saying things like, "that app is awful. Let me tell you why..." OR "wow, the organization of this screen rivals that of a toddler's sticker book." Jordan has focused heavily in the last 4 years on RevCycle, along with countless other contributions such as: icon design strategy, referrals management, eligibility, bill estimation, provider search, and DevCon asset design.

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