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Conference: GOTO 2018

GOTO 2019 • Attitude of Iteration • Eric Johnson

This presentation was recorded at GOTO Amsterdam 2019. #GOTOcon #GOTOams

Eric Johnson - Senior Developer Advocate - AWS Serverless

Challenges are a very real part of daily life. Some challenges are very apparent, like having one finger on each hand. Other challenges, are less apparent but no less of a hurdle that must be jumped. As someone who was born different and has been challenged through life, I have a very interesting view on hitting challenges head on. I also like to laugh as I deal with these challenges. In this session I we will joke our way through having an attitude of iteration in how we deal with challenges in our personal lives AND in our work lives. Prepare to laugh, commiserate [...]

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#HumanFactor #OvercomeChallenges

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